Philip Paolino 

At age 5, ERA 9 lead vocalist and songwriter, Phil Paolino had memorized every song on Canadian Top 40 Radio. Montreal born Paolino grew up speaking French; his family migrated from Italy to Canada having both Italian and Canadian roots. He speaks Italian, French and English fluently. Phil graduated from Vanier College in Montreal where he was trained in Vocal Performance. Paolino wrote the words for their first single “Oxygen” off their new EP Turn Day as a thank you to family and friends who helped him move forward with his life. Phil says, “Oxygen is a power ballad with messages of gratitude; because asking for help is a necessity to live, just like oxygen.”

Paolino’s lyrics are as diverse and provocative as his heritage. The words Desire Never Fades are tattooed on his right arm and have become the bands trademark and logo.



Jona Dhe Paganon
Lead Guitar

Lead guitarist and songwriter, Jona DhePaganon still owns the green Samick guitar he learned to play Purple Haze on when he was 12 years old. Jona and drummer, Marco Leclerc have been friends since they were in JR high. They both grew up in the Italian section of Montreal. His family instilled old school values within his everyday life which is evident throughout ERA 9’s music. Dhe Paganon, Leclerc and D’adamo met singer, Phil Paolino and ERA 9 was born. Together they weave poignant stories and use aggressive hard rock as a launching pad creating powerful melodies. Their second single “Fire” was written with anger and trepidation and focuses on the great triumph of revenge. DhePaganon says, “Our song ‘Fire’ is like a catharsis that helped us heal and hit new strides.” Diagnosed with Crohns Disease at the age of 17, Jona altered his lifestyle while on the road. The band invested in an RV so they could cook healthy while traveling. DhePaganon credits his grandparent’s for teaching him how to put a nourishing meal on the table. It’s not easy to cook while on tour but ERA 9 is doing it well with a giant liter of laughter on the side.



Joe D'adamo
Rhythm Guitar

Joe, who plays music by ear and was seduced by the sounds Metallica at an early age is the tech head of the group and oversees all endeavors that pertain to mixing and mastering. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and says, “I’ve always had a passion for seeing how things are conceived and why they work. The technical side of anything feeds my creativity.” D’adamo is also from the same Italian neighborhood in Montreal. Each member knows their place and like a well oiled machine on stage they also move as one on the road. Joe is the bus driver and together they logged over 19,000 miles this summer while on tour with Trapt, Drowning Pool and Pop Evil. He adds, “I can’t wait to get out there again; it’s a desire that will never fade.”


MarcoLight copy.jpg

Marco Leclerc

A self-professed XBOX Call of Duty fanatic, Marco has a closet full of hoodies. The first album he owned was Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, however, the first concert he saw was Metallica and he was hooked. He insists his band mates are all serious and motivated,  just like him. Marco’s penchant for hitting things came early and quickly became more pronounced. His work ethic equals his stamina because he never stops thinking of the bands next move. He explains, “When we first started practicing it was to a click track. We practiced so hard my fingers bled. We’re all perfectionists. It worked because our live show helped us win Sirius XM’s- Rock The Grey Cup. And then we toured the U.S. with Pop Evil so we’re definitely doing something right.” Marco’s favorite song on the EP is “Fire” because he feels it’s a balls-to-the-wall hard rock tune that showcases their live sound at its core.


Their Story

Montreal, Canada/ New York, NY - May, 2013 - French Canadian rockers ERA 9 have released their debut single, “Oxygen” from their sophomore EP Turn Day. The six-song collection showcases the band’s ability to weave aggressive hard rock with poignant lyrics. Lead singer, Phil Paolino says, “The band wrote the EP together… it focuses on the simplicity of progression and ascension.”

ERA 9’s recent victory at Sirius XM’s “Rock the Grey Cup” contest led to a high-profile performance at the 100th annual Grey Cup Festival which is Canada’s equivalent of the Super Bowl. The live performance was a major stepping-stone for ERA 9 and led to their tour with veteran rockers Trapt this summer. 

The first single, “Oxygen” is a radio-ready song that features classical string arrangements. Paolino explains, “a power ballad with messages of gratitude; we compare help to oxygen because asking for help is a necessity to live just like oxygen.” Paolino adds, “You can’t progress in life without realizing that sometimes you need help. When emotions explode… the weight is lifted… and you can breathe again.”

The title track, “Turn Day” is a testament to the hurdles and challenges the band has overcome. Lead guitarist, Jona Dhe Paganon sums it up and says, “The song speaks to the band’s journey and is reflective of struggle with heavy guitars and juxtaposed drums. It hits the melody and the alluring chord progressions follow. I think it demonstrates our versatility as a group.”

With a genre-bending mix of influences, ERA 9 is one of Canada’s 2013 breakout bands! Their guitar-focused sound unifies a hard-edged foundation while accents of subtle sensitivities of alternative rock lie underneath. ERA 9’s affinity for succinct storytelling and solid hooks makes this band at once intriguing and familiar.

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